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The Client Development Institute’s mission is to provide our clients with the tools, resources, and intellectual capital needed to ensure that they select and retain the best talent, develop their leadership on the principles of both accountability and motivation, eliminate performance barriers and silos existing interdepartmentally, and to engage loyal and productive employees that further their company’s mission to acquire loyal customers.

Research has shown that the number one metric for gauging and predicting profit is customer loyalty.  Companies can maximize that profit by acknowledging the human side of business.  Loyal employees beget loyal customers, so developing talent is critical to a company’s success.  Founded in 1982 by Dennis Fox, The Client Development Institute provides a unique combination of solutions for each step in the career pathway, including selection, performance enhancement, management training, and executive coaching.  We are dedicated to helping our clients become customer-focused organizations both internally (their employees) and externally (their clients).

In the past several years The Client Development Institute has become strategically aligned with some of the best organizational psychologists and management consultants to develop a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to hiring and training for both individual and organizational success.

In all the ways we work with you – assessments for hiring and coaching, sales and leadership training, teambuilding, consulting – we maximize performance by viewing individuals in the world that surrounds their work. Your organization achieves the most when all of your people reach their own peaks of performances.

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