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Selection and Development for Executives and Managers

ASSESS is an assessment and developmental tool for managerial, professional and supervisory candidates.  Reports provide detailed narrative and graphic tables (describing how personality characteristics help or hinder the display of the competencies), targeted structured interview questions, and management suggestions.

For developing current employees, ASSESS will help your workforce gain greater awareness of individual strengths and development needs, target their gaps, and guide them in constructing developmental plans to improve job effectiveness. Reports include detailed developmental suggestions.

What makes ASSESS different:

  • Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
  • Practical for screening, selection, and development purposes
  • Designed to also accept 7 different intellectual abilities tests
  • Validated by organizational psychologists
  • Meets EEOC and APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines
  • Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible
  • Available in many languages, including U.S. English, UK English, Spanish, Canadian French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean
  • Over 70 industry-specific templates are available

Competency Based Reports
These help the reader understand the impact of personal characteristics and abilities on the development and display of competencies. Detailed descriptions are provided of:

  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Competency Feedback (with personality implications)
  • Competency Based Structured Interview Guide (with specific probes)
  • Management Suggestions (with specific resources)
  • Developmental Suggestions (with targeted resources)

Sample Competency-Based Reports:



Standard Reports:
These are modeled after traditional assessment reports and provide insight into work-related behavior in the areas of Thinking, Working and Relating. Detailed descriptions are provided of:

  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Thinking Style
  • Work Approach and Motivation
  • Interpersonal Style
  • Approach to Influencing or Supervising Others
  • Interview and Reference Probes
  • Management Suggestions (with specific resources)
  • Developmental Suggestions (with targeted resources)

Sample Standard Reports:



What ASSESS Measures:
ASSESS measures Key Dimensions of Personality and Intellectual Abilities

  • Thinking
    Reflective / Probing, Organized / Structured, Serious / Restrained,
    Objective, Factual, and Realistic / Pragmatic
  • Working
    Energy Level, Self-Reliance, Acceptance of Control, Need for Freedom,
    Frustration Tolerance, Need for Attention, and Detail Interest
  • Relating
    Sociability, Criticism Tolerance, Optimism, Assertiveness,
    Need to Please / Be liked, Positive about People, Personal Insight,
    Self-Control and Cultural Conformity
  • Intellectual Abilities and Potential
    Strengths in Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Abstract Reasoning,
    Verbal Comprehension and Numerical Abilities

The ASSESS 360 is now available to provide a comprehensive picture of a manager/professional/executive’s personality and abilities, as well as feedback on actual behavior. Customized to your model of success, this powerful combination provides targeted feedback from supervisors, subordinates, peers, and self.

Sample Assess 360 Report:

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