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What’s driving you?

Behavior Motivators is an online assessment designed to meet a variety of needs and applications necessary for increased personal productivity and effectiveness.

Candidates are able to log-in to the testing site from virtually anywhere around the world. You can manage the assessment database, evaluate candidates, and print reports using any Internet connection.

The test can be completed in approximately 10 to 15 minutes and is often used with the Proception 2 Profiling Series assessment. It provides 9 pages of helpful information, as well as a “quick-look” graph.

Business Motivators Assessment (1.5 units per report)
Measures the Indicators of Behavior

Use Business Motivators for:
    – Identifying Employee Motivators
    – Decision Making
    – Management
    – Goal Setting
    – Team Building
    – Career Satisfaction

Key motivators providing insights into “why we do what we do”:

Objective and critical; a desire to learn for knowledge’s sake
Visual awareness; things to have form, function and symmetry
Desire for economic and material gain; strive for positive results and profits
Genuine concern for the welfare of others; will help those seen as less fortunate
Power and Authority
Enjoy being in positions of power; energized by competition
Business Doctrine
Centered on tradition and customs; seeks to conduct their lives and business activities within a system

The individual will better….


Understand and appreciate relationships

Learn how motivators impact work performance

Understand causes of conflict

Identify personal motivators and interests

Business Motivators is….

Quick to complete – approximately 10-15 minutes


Built with powerful database tools for reporting

Designed to produce profile reports on site

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