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Discover the “Master Skill” of Sales!


Discovery!™ is a process that improves the competence, confidence and commitment of salespeople who want to take their interviewing skills to the next level. Discovery! expands upon core selling principles, like those learned in Integrity Selling, by intensively studying the Interview stage of selling. Participants will explore what it means to be a truly customer-focused sales professional and learn how to uncover and solve problems that arise in the sales process.

Salespeople who participate in Discovery! will be able to:

  • Establish a customer-focused mindset
  • Understand customer value and motivation
  • Research and Prepare for Successful Interviews
  • Discover customer needs, wants, and decision making
  • Develop strong rapport with customers
  • Adapt to different behavior styles and buyer roles

Discovery! begins with a 6-hour seminar covering the core concepts of the program, and is supplemented with six weeks of practical application and reinforcing feedback, guided by state of the art Navigator software. Each week participants target a skill, trait or action to practice with the ongoing support of management coaching and the real-time insights provided by Navigator software.

As a result of participating in Discovery!, your organization will:

  • Build greater customer loyalty
  • Develop a customer-focused mindset and skills
  • Enhance customer intimacy and relationships
  • Improve closing ratios and forecasting accuracy
  • Increase sales revenue and profit margins
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