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Features And Benefits

The Select4Hire™ Integrity Test is a highly reliable, cost effective, and legal means of identifying job applicants with an “entitlement mentality” before they get hired.

This is an Overt Integrity test, which means that the questions are designed to get legal admissions of current high-risk behaviors in the workplace, rather than a personality based ‘covert’ integrity test.

The Select4Hire™ Integrity Test identifies four high-risk behaviors found that can adversely impact your business, and directly impact your company’s bottom line.

  • Theft
  • Violence/bullying
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Lying or faking

Below are features and benefits of the Select4Hire™ Integrity Test.

  • Cut down Employee theft
  • Avoid hiring violent or hostile employees and workplace bullies
  • Reduce on the job drug/alcohol abuse
  • 57% Reduction in Worker’s Compensation Loss Rates
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Less need for disciplinary actions
  • Reduce negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer unemployment insurance claims
  • Reduction in non-occupational disability losses
  • Reduction in FMLA utilization
  • Improved auto liability expenses
  • Reduce your Experience Modification Rate (E-mod)
  • Improve your company’s Return on Investment (ROI)


Increasingly rising employee theft today costs companies thousands to millions of dollars a year in losses. Statistics may vary slightly, but point to the fact that dishonest employees steal 4-6 times the amount stolen by shoplifters .

Many of the same retailers who want to recover lost profits, and have dealt with the expense of acquiring robust anti-shoplifting programs would be better served to address the issue of inventory shrinkage related to employee theft!

In addition to the ever increasing retail employee theft in C-Stores, supermarkets, fast food franchises, we are witnessing trucking and warehouse employees’s theft collusion. Assisted Living Facilities and Health Care employee theft occurs in falsified medical cases, drug theft, and altered billing.

Reducing white collar embezzlement, padded expense accounts, and phantom vendors are amongst the major challenges our clients face today.

With The Select4Hire™ Integrity Test, candidates who make admissions about job related thefts are not recommended for hire.


During the course of the hiring process, the Select4Hire ™ Integrity Test identifies those High Risk applicants who have admitted recent violent and/or bullying behavior, and therefore have a greater chance of endangering the workplace. The knowledge that comes from this type of disclosure is invaluable in protecting the safety of your workplace.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, the impact of workplace bullying can often result in both negative mental and physical effects ranging from headaches to heart attacks! Research supports a direct correlation between workplace bullying and domestic violence.

Some of the 2013 findings from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Justice, and National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) include that workplace violence costs over 120 billion dollars a year nationwide, and that nonfatal assaults alone results in more than 876,000 workdays a year.

Nearly one out of every five on-the-job fatalities is the result of workplace violence.

The Select4Hire ™ Integrity Test identifies those High Risk applicants who have admitted recent violent and/or bullying behavior, and therefore have a greater chance of endangering the workplace. The knowledge that comes from this type of disclosure is invaluable in protecting the safety of your workplace.


2013 statistics from DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network) indicate that there were 5.1 million drug-related ER visits last year, of which 1,428,145 were attributed to misuse or abuse of pharmaceutical prescriptions, and 1,250,500 involved illicit drugs.

Since the vast majority of companies have less than 100 people, if yours is a medium or large sized business, the odds are that one of your employees or coworkers wound up at a hospital ER for substance abuse treatment!

The Select4Hire™ Integrity Test identifies those High Risk applicants who are abusing drugs and/or alcohol on the job. By obtaining this information about a potential hire, your organization can make better selection decisions and dramatically reduce its risk and complicity in workplace accidents. Working under the influence of any illegal substance, drug and/or on the job alcohol drinking can be remarkably dangerous, particularly in industries whose operations involve automobiles, heavy equipment, power tools, or chemicals.


Contrary to many peoples’ assumptions, workers compensation costs ARE controllable.

You have the ability to directly effect your experience rating.

Safety programs are essential. Notwithstanding, hiring the right ‘safe’ person is crucial.

In a 2011 study published by Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology, researchers studied whether or not the use of integrity tests in pre-employment screening had an impact on the size of worker’s compensation claims across a number of industries. The study concluded that the compensation claims filed by unscreened workers were both more frequent and also of a substantially larger dollar value than those filed by workers who were vetted via a form of integrity test.

The Select4Hire Integrity Test™ protects your organization from selecting workers who have confessed to prior exaggeration of workplace injury severity and/or who have disclosed their participation in insurance scams.


Though reducing employee turnover is not a primary intent of the Select4Hire Integrity Test™, its power as a screening tool has been found to attract committed and dependable workers, and bolster sustainable hiring practices. Continuously having to recruit and train multiple people for one position is an expensive and tedious procedure, but avoidable if the right individuals are selected from the start.


The Select4Hire Integrity Test™ is a proactive tool that saves management the time and expense of disciplining employees who have violated company policy. By determining and weeding out candidates who would be dishonest and unsafe in the workplace, the Select4Hire Integrity Test™ reduces the need for organizations and employees to engage in protracted battles of remediation and punishment.


Employers would greatly benefit from knowing which individuals in the pre-employment process are likely to abuse the company policy regarding sick leave. Absenteeism fosters a less productive workplace. Select4Hire™ integrity testing preempts this problem by identifying the candidates who are likely to disregard their job duties, based on admissions of absenteeism and/or tardiness.


The Select4Hire Integrity Test™ examines a candidate’s propensity for filing exaggerated claims. The results of the test get to the counterproductive attitudes and behaviors that lead an individual to abuse company policy in this way.


Illness and injury becomes problematic when dishonesty creeps into the workplace. When given the opportunity, certain employees choose to leverage the disability insurance benefits to extremes, at the company’s expense. Using the Select4Hire™ Integrity Test to avoid this dishonest behavior pattern.


The Select4Hire™ Integrity Test has produced dramatic results with savings exceeding costs by several multiples. Using the Select4Hire Integrity Test™ as a part of the pre-interview hiring process produces significant bottom line results . Ask to see our studies.

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