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Finding, hiring, and retaining quality commercial drivers represents a significant challenge to employers across the globe. A lack of qualified applicants and high turnover creates a dilemma, but a bad hire in this industry can mean more than just upset customers. It can also mean accidents, injuries, and loss of economic efficiency and potentially even organizational viability.

What if you could efficiently, accurately, and defensibly identify high-risk driver candidates before you hire them? What if you could know for certain that the truck drivers in your recruiting funnel are road worthy?

Could you hire them fast enough?

PSI has the expert system solution. You can raise the confidence level of your selection decisions and avoi hiring unsuitable drivers with RoadWorthy.

PSI is applying its experience in developing and validating selection tools to the transportation industry.

Our extensive research in the area of driver performance and safety led us to design an assessment that evaluates a driver’s history and experience, personality characteristics, and motivational fit for the position.

RoadWorthy is a predictive assessment tool that is administered at the top of the hiring funnel, before you commit your time, money, and resources into applicants. A short and inexpensive assessment, RoadWorthy is extremely effective at identifying and eliminating candidates who are considered high-risk.

Candidates can apply remotely from any computer or mobile device.
RoadWorthy can help you to:
• Make accurate recommendations by driver type
• Identify high-risk drivers
• Increase confidence in your selection decisions
• Seat good drivers faster
• Lower the cost of acquiring good drivers
• Automate the selection process with intelligent
decision support systems for recruiting and safety right driver in the right role. You receive actual recommendations for the candidate for three types of driving jobs: long-haul, short-haul, and route.

All aspects of this screening tool will help you find drivers who are safe, motivated, and productive. INTELLIGENT DECISION SUPPORT RoadWorthy measures the following risks:
• Accident & Violation
• Road Rage & Aggression
• Volatility & Impulsivity
• Attitude & Abrasiveness
• Unreliability
• Absenteeism/Tardiness
• Turnover

The urgent need to seat better and safer drivers now, more than ever, has the support of the most powerful human selection systems in the world.

Selecting the best drivers in the hiring funnel is fast, efficient, and affordable to every motor carrier. The results will truly lead to noticeable improvements in both safety and performance for your organization.

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