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I’ll Buy, If You Speak My Language™

Learn to Master Your “People Reading Skills”

It’s easy to sell the 25% of the population that thinks acts and behaves like us. But what about the other 75% of the population that would prefer to buy elsewhere?

The Client Development Institute is pleased to offer I’ll Buy, If You Speak My Language™ which will enable YOUR salespeople to master the critical “People Reading” skills in order to sell to the 75% that would buy elsewhere.

Benefits of I’ll Buy, If You Speak My Language™ Include:

  • Shortened Selling Cycle Time
  • Increased Percentages of Closes
  • Higher Gross Profit
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Customized Coaching Report for Each Participant
  • Flexstyle™ Behavioral Indicator Pad for Each Participant
  • Can be done as a Keynote address, half-day session or full-day session

By Utilizing I’ll Buy, If You Speak My Language™, Participants Will Learn:

  • Why They MUST Know the Strengths and Distractions of Their Unique Selling Style
  • Why They MUST Know How to Recognize the Prospect’s “Buying Style.”
  • How to Master the “Liking Principle.”
  • The 3 Most Critical Determinants That Move Prospects Forward.
  • How to Use Their Customized Sales Style Report to Develop an Ongoing “Action Plan”

**Optional web based personalized behavioral assessment can be utilized as a part of this workshop

For an In-depth look into our program, I’ll Buy, If You Speak My Language™, please take a look at our .pdf file.

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