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The Players Won’t Play if the Coaches Don’t Coach!

Managers must hold their employees accountable and at the same time build and motivate them as people. These are two different sets of skills: most people tend to be naturally good at one or the other without even realizing it. So how can they maintain a balance?

Integrity Coaching® is a behavior change program to instill in managers the knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches and increase their team’s performance. It incorporates an initial four hour seminar with eight weeks of follow-up sessions because we recognize that new knowledge and skills must be practiced before it becomes a habit.

Managers who implement the Integrity Coaching process

  • Build stronger belief in people’s ability to perform at higher levels
  • Empower their people to solve problems and make decisions
  • Keep their people from plateau-ing

Developing the Four Traits of Highly Successful People

  • Strong Goal Clarity
  • High Achievement Drive
  • Healthy Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellent Social Skills

Subjects Covered in the Opening Seminar

  • Coaching your people to higher performance
  • Discovering the Law of Limited Performance
  • Implementing a coaching process
  • Coaching Practice

Skills Learned in the 8 Follow-up Sessions:

The curriculum is available for both Sales Managers and Managers/Leaders in non-sales roles.

For more information, here is a more in-depth look into Integrity Coaching:

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