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Integrity Selling

Selling is 85% Emotional!

Selling requires more than product knowledge. Salespeople need to be attuned to both their and their customer’s attitudes, values, and beliefs in order to be successful. They also must have a positive view of their sales role and belief in their abilities.

Integrity Selling is a needs-focused behavior change program that redefines selling as an activity of identifying and fulfilling needs and creating value for their customer. It incorporates an initial four hour seminar with eight weeks of follow-up sessions because we recognize that new knowledge and skills must be practiced before it becomes a habit.

Salespeople who participate in the Integrity Selling program:

  • Build a sales culture based on creating customer value
  • Establish a customer needs-focused selling process
  • Enhance attitudes, beliefs and values – not just knowledge and skills
  • Share a common language for planning and collaboration
  • Develop a simple way to communicate behavior styles
  • Improve the quality and frequency of sales management coaching
  • Eliminate barriers to confidence and commitment
  • Increase sales, customer loyalty, and talent retention

Because selling and buying are often governed by emotions, participants will learn both their behavioral style and how to recognize the behavioral style of their customer and how to appropriately and successfully interact with each style. During the eight weeks of follow-up sessions, salespeople will incorporate Integrity’s six step needs-focused selling process [AID,Inc] into their present work:

Integrity’s six step needs-focused selling process [AID,Inc]

  • Approach: gaining trust and rapport with prospects.
  • Interview: identifying and understanding needs.
  • Demonstrate: showing how needs can be fulfilled.
  • Val – I – date: proving claims and establishing trust.
  • Negotiate: removing roadblocks that keep people from buying.
  • Close: completing a stressless, ethical final action which leads to a buying decision.
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