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Keynote Speaking Engagements

While Dennis Fox’s background is rooted in practical, hands-on experience with sales and marketing, he is not just a “salesman” – his career has evolved to focus upon leadership development and corporate effectiveness as well. Dennis not only consults and implements practical solutions for companies, but he also can be the dynamic keynote speaker for your company or association’s next conference or convention.

Why Dennis succeeds with his audience:

  • He begins his presentations with audience engagement and ends on a positive note
  • They never get bored – His energy-packed presentations have a unique blend of substance and style
  • They walk away feeling good…and knowing why.
  • They feel they can successfully implement his message after leaving the room.
  • While his speeches are planned, they are never canned! Dennis never uses the same exact speech twice – he customizes his programs specifically to each organization or conference.

Dennis’ interactive approach captivates and engages audiences while at the same time adds value to the business meeting or conference by providing proven solutions to common, yet critical, business challenges. He has personally evolved from the “old days” of manipulative, product-focused selling into a consultative, client-focused approach and is dedicated to both practicing and teaching these principles. Dennis tailors his presentations according to your business’s initiatives or the conference’s theme.

Some topics Dennis speaks upon include:

  • I’ll Buy…If You Speak My Language! – Appealing to the Personality Styles of Your Clients
  • I’ll Work With You…If You Speak My Language! – Facilitating Healthy Intraorganizational Communication
  • The Bridge Between Employee and Customer Loyalty
  • Leadership: Balancing Accountability with Motivating Your People
  • Mastering Powerful Goals
  • Specific Sales-related topics such as Mastering the Telephone, Mastering Referrals, etc…

Dennis has been a featured speaker for companies such as:

Western PestServices
Morgan Stanley
American Express

Not sure if you want

Dennis to speak at your business meeting or conference? Please Contact us! He’ll be happy to speak with you and you’ll know within minutes, by the questions he asks and the answers he gives, if his style is engaging!

For more information on Dennis Fox, we invite you to look at Dennis Fox’s biography.


“We all found your sales and lead development ideas unique, tactful and innovative. You are an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker, with the ability to quickly read your audience, and adapt your approach accordingly.”

Paul Rego, President
Rego Bespoke Clothiers LTD

“In 12 years I have never seen a presentation better suited to teach advisors how to market more effectively….THE MOMENT THEY WALK OUT OF THE ROOM! I asked and you delivered.”

Philip A. Simonides, CFP, Field Vice President
American Express Financial Advisors, Inc
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