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Mastering Referrals™
Enhancing Referral Obtainment for Enhanced Business


Are you or your employees coming up short when it comes to generating referrals for business?

The Client Development Institute is pleased to offer our program, Mastering Referrals™

Mastering Referrals™ is designed to enhance the participant’s willingness to ask for referrals, and the skill levels to consistently generate, high quality referred leads for increased business.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Credibility with Potential Customers
  • Field Tested Methodology with Proven Results
  • Reduced Stress in Asking for Referrals
  • Reduced Selling Cycle Time
  • Tracking System to Measure Progress

Participants will Learn:

  • Ethical and Professional Ways to Ask For Referrals.
  • How to Successfully Challenge the 4 “Myths” of Referral Generation.
  • The “Strategic” Time to Ask For Referrals.
  • How to Ask For Referrals without Being “Pushy”.
  • How to Ask For Referrals without Losing Credibility.
  • The 9 “musts” in Obtaining the Highest Quality Referrals.
  • How to Get Referrals at the “Client Care Call”


For an In-depth look into our program, Mastering Referrals, please take a look at our .pdf file.

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