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SELECT is a network of assessments designed to measure important work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for associate level jobs. While each test measures characteristics important to a specific job type, all have at their core the prediction of productivity, cooperative work behaviors and integrity. 

What makes SELECT different:

  • Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
  • Practical for screening, selection, and development purposes
  • Easy to customize for your organization
  • Validated by organizational psychologists
  • Meets EEOC and APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines
  • Internet Ready / PC and Windows compatible

What SELECT measures:
SELECT measures key dimensions of job personality and job abilities competencies.  Each individual test measures important underlying personality attributes in somewhat different ways, but each produces overall predictor indices of Performance and Integrity appropriate to the job or industry type.

  • Positive Attitude – Shows faith in self and positive outlook on self, others, and the company
  • Energy – Prefers a high activity level; action oriented
  • Frustration and Criticism Tolerance – Is resilient in the face of frustration and criticism
  • Acceptance of Diversity – Tolerates others different from self
  • Self Control – Refrains from impulsive behavior
  • Acceptance of Structure – Accepts rules and follows direction
  • Empathy, Interpersonal Insight – Shows an understanding for the feelings and needs of others
  • Multi-Tasking – Enjoys handling multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Integrity – Possesses a strong work ethic
  • Influence – Enjoys influencing the actions of others
  • Sociability – Displays an ease in a social situations and enjoys interacting with others
  • Good Judgment – Shows a tendency towards objective thinking based on fact

SELECT is available for a wide variety of different jobs, including, but not limited to:

  • Administrative Support
  • Call Centersinbound oroutbound service
  • Customer Service
  • Receptionist
  • Convenience StoresManagers orAssociates
  • Health Care
  • RetailManager orSales Associate
  • Leasing Agent
  • Personal Service
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