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Building Leadership Vision and Action Plans for Maximizing Value The Value Gap Analysis Profile (V-GAP) and the Alignment Gap Analysis Profile (A-GAP) are assessment and analysis methodologies that build a roadmap for maximizing the value delivered by sales and service teams.

The V-GAP uses validated, online diagnostic tools to measure your customers’ actual experience with your sales and service team against your leadership’s vision for the value to be delivered. V-GAP builds a roadmap for improving your organization’s ability to increase customer loyalty by identifying the specific gaps undermining the value your organization is creating for your customers. The A-GAP measures the same leadership vision as V-GAP but also assesses the sales and service teams’ perception of their expectations for creating value. Using the findings from Integrity Systems® proven online diagnostic tools, organizations will create an action plan for enhancing internal alignment and improving sales and service performance. This plan focuses on eliminating internal conflict and improving team commitment to insure customer value and loyalty.

The V-GAP and A-GAP Analyses provide organizations with the tools to:

  • Examine Leadership’s Vision for Creating Customer Value
  • Clarify Sales and Service Values, Practices and Behaviors
  • Establish a Baseline for Understanding Customer Loyalty (V-GAP)
  • Assess the Perceived Expectations of your Sales/Service Team (A-GAP)
  • Determine your Teams’ Perception of Performance and Value (A-GAP)
  • Analyze your Customers’ Perception of Performance and Value (V-GAP)
  • Define the Differences from Top Performing Organizations

As a result of investing in the V-GAP and/or A-GAP organizations will:

  • Close the gaps between leadership’s vision, and sales/service perspectives
  • Enhance values, practices, and behaviors of sales and service professionals
  • Improve customer loyalty: repurchase and endorsement
  • Learn about the best performing organizations
  • Develop a plan of action for overcoming the value & alignment barriers to growth
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